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Come join our Special Guest Ghost Hunters on board the Ghost Hunter’s Cruise

Ben Hansen

Ben is most well-known as a television host and the lead investigator of SyFy channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files and has also appeared and produced on several other television programs such as UFOs Declassified on the Smithsonian and Canada History channels. Ben lectures and appears at conferences across the world. Apart from filming TV shows and documentaries, Ben is often asked to provide analysis for photos and videos for the Huffington Post Weird News column. Between filming and traveling to events across the world, Ben also films aerial video and photography with remote control multi-rotor helicopters and teaches basic and advanced firearms courses as an instructor. In his free time, he attempts to surf, enjoys basketball, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, and flying small planes.

 Ghost Hunter Karl Pfeiffer

Karl Pfeiffer is a writer, photographer, and ghost hunter. He won the first season of Ghost Hunters Academy, appeared briefly on Ghost Hunters International, and then worked for five years as the resident paranormal investigator at the famous Stanley Hotel, where he conducted more than 250 investigations on the property. He’s written two books: a novel and a short story collection, as well as a number of articles about paranormal phenomena. He lectures across the country about approaches to ghost hunting, the science and philosophy of ghosts, paranormal photography, and mysticism. He’s also a portrait and conceptual photographer based out of Colorado. You can find more at his website, http://www.KarlPfeiffer.com and on Twitter @KarlPfeiffer.

Medium Sarah Lemos

 My name is Sarah Lemos I am a certified psychic medium through Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and Best American Psychics. I discovered my ability to connect with those on the other side as a young child, I’ve since learned to use my gift to help people internationally reconnect and receive inspirational guidance from the other side. When not headlining spiritual and paranormal events I enjoy teaching and mentoring students in the area of metaphysics and being a Dj on my own radio program. My passion is to help others with my gift of connection.

Psychic Medium Fred Garza-Guzman

Fred Garza-Guzman

Fred Garza-Guzman is a psychic medium who practices curanderismo (Mexican Folk Healing). He does paranormal research and started experiencing ghosts at the age of 4. He believes that readings and cleansings can help balance us, give us aid during emotional times and bring our loved ones together with us for emotional healing and connection. Fred offers a variety of readings, from intuitive reading/counseling, card readings as well as phone and skype readings. He also performs limpias (cleansings) on a person or home/business.

 Due to the nature of their work special guests are subject to change.

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